Frequently Asked Questions about One Block Off The Grid

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

It’s so quick and easy! Sign up here and if we’re offering a deal in your area, we’ll call you to conduct a quick, five minute evaluation of your roof using satellite photography. This is totally free and no obligation. If your roof looks like a good candidate for solar, we’ll get to work creating a detailed quote for you. When it’s ready, one of our knowledgeable in-house solar advisors will schedule some time with you to walk you through the quote and answer your solar questions. Getting this estimate locks in the deal pricing for a fixed period, so you have plenty of time to make a decision. If you decide to lease or purchase solar, we coordinate everything for you, so the process goes smoothly. If you decide to wait, it’s no problem! We can always create an additional quote for you in the future.

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Is One Block Off the Grid a solar installer?

No, One Block Off the Grid negotiates great deals on solar energy on behalf of homeowners and provides them with education and information on all their available options.  (That’s probably why we’re known as the pro-consumer solar provider). We work only with the very best solar installers, coordinating closely to make sure our members’ installations go smoothly. Membership in our program is totally free for our homeowners and installers alike.

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Which cities are eligible for One Block Off the Grid?

One Block Off the Grid tends to offer the most number of deals in states and cities with strong residential solar incentives, but we’ve offered solar deals in 40 out of 50 U.S. states and launch new ones every month, so sign up and if we offer a deal in your area, we’ll let you know.

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Do I need to get my neighbors to sign up?

Nope! You get access to our deals on solar whether your neighbors sign up or not, but if you live in an area where we currently offer a deal on solar energy, we should mention there are big benefits to inviting your friends to sign up for One Block Off the Grid. Namely, when one of your friends or neighbors ends up going solar, we’ll give you $400 cash! There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Friend referrals are an important way solar spreads through communities, so please consider taking a moment to do this. Our program is free and zero obligation, and it’s easy to opt out at any time.

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How much will solar panels cost me?

You can see this immediately with our online solar estimate tool. For some more general information about solar pricing, check out this page on solar economics. Our deal pricing varies from state to state based on the individual solar market in those areas, but we promise it will always be a great deal for that location! You’re encouraged to prove this to yourself by getting bids from other solar providers in your area.

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Is it really only “one block” you’re taking off the grid?

No, it’s just a metaphor. We’ve taken hundreds of blocks’ worth of homeowners solar so far and plan to keep going.

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Are you really taking homes “off the grid?

No. The solar systems we provide are still connected to the grid (that’s how you’re able to sell energy back to the utility). Our name is a figure of speech.

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How does One Block Off the Grid get paid?

One Block Off the Grid is completely free for members and installers alike. Solar installers pay us a flat referral fee each time one of our members decides to go solar. It’s a great deal for them because getting access to our highly educated, motivated members significantly lowers their overhead costs. The referral fee is the same regardless of which installer wins, so it does not affect our decision about which installer to select. Our interests and our members’ interests are always aligned.

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What if I’m a renter?

If you’re a renter, solar probably isn’t a good fit for you right now. The reason for this is that the landlord would typically need to be the one to purchase or lease the panels and since the tenant is most often the one paying the electricity bill, the landlord doesn’t usually have a financial incentive to do that. New programs like solar community gardens are starting to spring up, though, which may present renters with some great solar options in the near future.

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How do you vet the solar installers?

We evaluate solar installers on a variety of factors, from customer reviews to the quality of their installations to their long-term stability as a company. In fact, we’ve evaluated the installation practices, warranties, products offered, and corporate structure of dozens of installers across 40 different states at this point, so we have unique insight into what makes a good solar installation company as well as some fairly unique leverage to negotiate a good deal for our members.

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Do you always pick big solar installers?

No. We’ve worked with a range of installation companies, from small to very large ones. In areas of greater population density, however, it’s important that an installer can maintain the highest possible standards of installation quality, employee safety, and customer service even during periods of heavy demand, so in these areas we do check to make sure that an installer is equipped to handle that, particularly with the number of customers we’ll be providing them!

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Does 1BOG work with Homeowner Associations (HOAs)?

Despite Solar Access Laws in several states, every HOA is going to have its own bylaws regarding solar so it’s always best to consult with your HOA before beginning the process. That said, 1BOG is best suited for single-family, standalone homes with no shared roof.

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