1 After becoming a member we figure out if your home is a good match for solar

We'll give you a quick call within 5 minutes to look at your electricity usage and check out your roof using satellite imagery. With this information we can determine things like: The size of your bill, what direction your roof faces and if trees are casting shade on it.

2Once we know whether solar works for you, we find the best solar providers to fit your specific needs

We don't need to come to your house to give you a hard sell in your living room. We do the leg-work for you, going to the nation's largest solar providers and getting quotes from each that suit your specific needs.

In under an hour of your time you can see real numbers and make an educated decision. Our service is 100% free, with no pressure and no hassle.

3We put the power in your hands and give you a real choice

Once you've seen the numbers, the power is in your hands. The only question you have to answer is:

If you could pay less than you do today for your electricity, while producing clean energy, why wouldn't you?

See the numbers for your house